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  • Simple Metal Detector

  • Created: Feb 25, 2014

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A metal detector is a portable electronic instrument that detects the presence of metal nearby. Metal detectors are useful for finding metal inclusions hidden within objects, or metal objects buried underground. They often consist of a handheld unit with a sensor probe, which can be swept over the ground or other objects. If the sensor comes near a piece of metal, this is indicated by a changing tone in earphones, or a needle moving on an indicator. Usually the device gives some indication of distance; the closer the metal is, the higher the tone in the earphone or the higher the needle goes. In the circuit, it uses Logic gates particularly NAND Gate for its overall operation. By the use of the NXP 74ABT00 it will enable the circuit to fully function based on its application.

The 74ABT00 is a quad 2-input NAND gate. This device is fully specified for partial power down applications using IOFF port. The IOFF port circuitry disables the output, preventing the potentially damaging backflow current through the device when it is powered down.

Metal detector technology is a huge part of our lives, with a range of uses that spans from leisure, to work, to safety. The metal detectors in airports, office buildings, schools, government agencies, and prisons help ensure that no one is bringing a weapon onto the premises. Consumer-oriented metal detectors provide millions of people around the world with an opportunity to discover hidden treasures.



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