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  • Simple Switcher Power Module

  • Created: Mar 09, 2016

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The power modules are widely found in devices today, these are used in conversion of energy. The LMZ36002 is a synchronous buck power module that has a 2A DC-DC converter. It is capable of having a small footprint and a low profile design, while still able to adjust the key parameters to meet the required design. The designed circuit is an evaluation module for the LMZ36002, so it would have an easy to use platform in showing the correct usage and the performance of the device. It has a wide output voltage that can be adjusted from 2.5V to 7.5V. The switching frequency also can be adjusted from 200kHz to 1MHz.

The circuit can operate from an input voltage of 4.5V to 60V. In order for the device to startup, the input voltage must be above the threshold of 4V with 0.4V hysteresis. After the start up, the minimum input voltage to the device must be at least 4.5V or a Vout +2V. The PVin and PVout near the power terminal blocks (TB1 and TB2) test point must not be used as input supply or output load connection points. It is used as monitoring test point for PVin and Vout using a digital voltmeter for measuring efficiency, line regulation, and load regulation. The PVin scope (J1) and Vout scope (J2) are for oscilloscope connection input and output ripple voltage. The PWRGD TP is used to monitor the power good signal of the device. The SS/TR TP is connected to the internal slow start capacitor of the device; an external capacitor is used to increase the slow start time of the device. A Vout select jumper (P1) and Fsw select jumper are provided for switching output voltage and frequency depending on the desired output. In changing the jumper setting, it is important to remove the input power before doing so.

The power modules had become very useful in today’s technologies. It is found in renewable energies to convert direct current to alternating currents. It is also very important device for electronic vehicles. Other applications the power modules can be found are in medical like imaging equipment, automation, power plant and industrial application.



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