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  • Simple Voltage Monitoring of Battery Supply with Load

  • Created: Apr 20, 2016

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This design features a very compact mini voltmeter module that can operate in a voltage range of 2.5V to 30V with work current of 30mA and below. The measure speed of this mini voltmeter is 200ms/one time with accuracy of 3%. The display is 0.28 inch LED panel MT.

This design is a basic application of 114990165 mini voltmeter attached between a battery and a generic load. The battery supply rated 6V 4.5Ah connected to a generic load with a general purpose diode ensuring the polarity and possible backflow. The voltmeter is positioned before diode so the monitoring will focus on the supply without external component.

The design is suitable to power supply sensitive applications. It is also applicable to some development related to power. It can be part of some experiments of students and other related laboratory activities.



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