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  • Single 4:1 Analog Multiplexer for Active Antenna

  • Created: May 01, 2015

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TE Connectivity's 2081005-1 is an SMA connector designed to satisfy the growing demand for wireless communications industry. The connector can have a stainless-steel body and non-ferrous metal. The ADG904 is a wideband, analog 4:1 multiplexer, using a CMOS process to provide high isolation and low insertion loss to 1GHz. It is an absorptive/matched multiplexer having 50 Ω terminated shunt legs. This device is designed such that the isolation is high over the dc to 1GHz frequency range.

The circuit allows the evaluation of high performance wideband switches with less effort. The user needs only a power supply and a network analyzer to test this device. The RFC port is connected through a 50Ω transmission line to the bottom left SMA Connector J4. RF1, RF2, RF3, and RF4 are connected through 50Ω transmission lines to the SMA connectors (J5, J6, J7 and J8 respectively). The SMA connectors J9 and J10 are connected through a transmission line that is used to estimate the loss of the PCB over the environmental conditions being evaluated.

The SMA connectors such as 2081005-1 are available in a broad range of standard configurations including straight and right-angle cable applied plugs, bulkhead cable jacks, two and four-hole flange-mount panel jacks, straight and right-angle PCB-mount jacks, and various between and in-series adapters. Numerous packaging and testing options are also available to meet specific system criteria.



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