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  • Single 50A or Dual 25A Step-Down Power µModule Regulator

  • Created: Mar 17, 2016

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This project is a demo circuit for the LTM4650 module, a dual 25A or single 50A output switch mode step-down DC/DC power module regulator. The LTM4650 operates from an input voltage range of 4.5V to 15V and supports two outputs, each with an output voltage range of 0.6V to 1.8V, each set by a single external resistor. Its high efficiency design delivers up to 25A continuous current for each output.

The output current derating is necessary for certain VIN, VOUT, and thermal conditions. The board operates in continuous conduction mode in heavy load conditions. For high efficiency at low load currents, the MODE jumper (JP1) selects pulse-skipping mode for noise sensitive applications or Burst Mode operation in less noise sensitive applications. The two outputs can be connected in parallel for a single 50A output solution with optional jumper resistors. The board allows the user to program how its output ramps up and down through the TRACK/SS pin. The output can be set up to either coincidentally or ratiometrically track with another supply’s output. Remote output voltage sensing is available for improved output voltage regulation at the load point. High switching frequency and a current mode architecture enable a very fast transient response to line and load changes without sacrificing stability.

This circuit supports frequency synchronization; multiphase operation, Burst Mode operation and output voltage tracking for supply rail sequencing. It has also an onboard temperature diode for device temperature monitoring. The features of the LTM4650 make it ideal for high density point-of-load regulation applications like processor, ASIC, and FPGA core power, telecom and networking equipment, storage and ATCA card, industrial equipment.



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