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  • Single-Axis SPI Inertial Sensor

  • Created: Jan 10, 2016

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The development in automotive provides an opportunity to electronic industries. The embedded developers answer the demand of sophistication. The safety and convenience are also the primary considerations to this development. The automotive airbag systems are part of this safety that is designed to protect life in case of accident. The airbag system involves inertial sensors that are used to trigger the deployment IC. In this design, it features single-axis SPI inertial sensor with ±20g to ±120g full-scale range. It has 10-bit digital signed or unsigned SPI data output. It has also programmable arming functions and 12 low-pass filter options, ranging from 50Hz to 1000Hz.

In this design, the inertial sensor is supplied by 3.3V or 5V single supply. The capacitors are used for filters and stabilizers that also help the proper operation of the inertial sensor. The inertial sensor is connected to an MCU that serves as the main controller, which the deployment IC is connected. The sensor serves as the input and the deployment IC performs the output. The SPI communication handled by an MCU performs the analysis of the data received by the input and also the arming function of the device.

The design is well suited to a different airbag Electronic Control Unit (ECU) and other related application that can offer optimized system. It also resolves complexity of automotive ECU and reduces cost of the system while maintaining safety.



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