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  • Single Quadruple-A Battery Boost Converter

  • Created: Sep 03, 2014

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Boost converter is a type of power converter that raised the DC output voltage from a low input DC voltage. The MCP1640 device has been developed to increase battery life. The MCP1640 is capable of regulating the output voltage over a wide range (2.0V to 5.5V), and typically delivers over 100mA load current at 3.3V output, when supplied from a single 1.5V cell. For applications powered by alkaline cells that consume few mA, the MCP1640 device can operate to the minimum input voltage necessary to completely drain the battery.

The MCP1640 single quadruple-A battery boost converter reference design is developed to demonstrate how the MCP1640 device with "true output disconnect shutdown option" works when attached to a microcontroller application. The board demonstrates how to optimize battery life using the MCP1640 and an 8-bit low-cost PIC® microcontroller and to reduce the no load input current for applications that operate in standby mode for a longer period of time.

This reference design has features such as: Input voltage-one AAAA alkaline battery, 3.3V output voltage, automatic PFM/PWM operation, 500 kHz PWM switching frequency, ON/OFF switch button, with approximately 25 seconds ON, LED status indication (Output ON and Low Battery), and Energizer battery holder with reverse battery protection.



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