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  • Created: Mar 10, 2015

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The single cylinder engine control are commonly used in consumer machineries in which it uses small scale engines. This project features a complete solution for the electronic control of a small engine. Small engines are defined as a one or two cylinder engine for use in anything from a motorbike to a lawn mower to a generator. While the design was made to address a one-cylinder engine specifically, it is also extremely useful for a two-cylinder engine with little or no modification.

The circuit design is a one-cylinder engine controller based on the Freescale MM912JS812, which contains a MC9S12XS128 microcontroller, and an MC33812. The unit will run from a 12 V battery and control engine loads such as a fuel injector, inductive ignition coil, relays, incandescent lamps, and LEDs. It can also take inputs from switches and sensors, such as Engine Stop switch, manifold air pressure, engine temperature, and variable reluctance sensors.

This design is applicable to household equipment such as lawn mowers. It is also useful to fueled ATVs and go-karts for personal use while scooters and small machineries are for commercial purposes.

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