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  • Smart Heart Alarm System

  • Created: Dec 04, 2016

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This simple project is designed to save life. The human heart releases several pulses that describes a condition of an individual. In this project, the heart pulse will become the input of the entire system. It is used to monitor the human condition remotely using GSM technology.

The 2500mAh battery was used since the GSM module requires a lot of current during transmission or reception stage. The GSM module serves as the transceiver of the system which function almost the same with mobile phones. It requires SIM cards to communicate within the network. Its primary function is to transmit an alarm signal to the rescuer or a person in charge of safety. The transmitted signal will include the location and condition of the person. The pulse sensor receives the signal pulses produced by the heart. The 74AUP1G57 device is a low-power configurable multiple function gate that also serves as a buffer which insures a jitter free transmitted signal. The Arduino Uno microcontroller analyzes the data received from the buffer and deliver a corresponding output to the GSM module. The LEDs and speaker serves as the notification and indication of the person in case he/she is located in a crowded area.

The design is perfect for our present situation since it covers safety. It can also be used in search and rescue during calamities and protection of individual from all kinds of threat.