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  • Stacked PC and PC/AT Architectures

  • Created: Mar 24, 2015

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The PC and PC/AT architectures have ended up amazingly popular in both general purpose (desktop) and dedicated (non-desktop) applications, its utilization in embedded microcomputer applications has been constrained because of the expansive size of standard PC and PC/AT motherboards and extension cards. The circuit uses the TE 1-2201197-0 fine pitch, surface mount, stacking connectors as the interface for each module.

This TE Connectivity fine pitch, surface mount, stacking connectors is an optimized interconnect solution for smaller and thinner electronic products, that need to respond to the miniaturization trend in the market. It features smaller centerline, narrower body and lower mating height along with various advantages; formed contacts to provide contact points on rolled surface enabling high reliability, enhanced usability for easy mating and robustness, enough pick & place area, Ni-barrier for solder wicking etc. It is available in various heights from 0.6mm to 1.0mm. With its outstanding design capability, TE keeps developing innovative new product in fine pitch board-to-board connector series.

TEs fine pitch, surface mount, stacking connectors are ideally suited for applications requiring miniaturization such as telecommunications and networking equipment, desktop and notebook personal computers, personal digital assistants, cellular phones, pagers, camcorders and other consumer electronics.