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  • STCC2540 Smart Dual-Port USB Charger

  • Created: Mar 27, 2017

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USB-charging are the most prominent way of charging of electronic devices such as smartphones, tablets, and other electronic gadgets. The reference design is based on STCC2540, a USB charger controller that features a constant current mode and overprotection, which also perform the function of de-glitched fault reporting. It also has a wide bandwidth data switch, and a high current power switch.

The reference design is powered up by a 5V supply. The initial state with no load attach to each output port will give an identical 2.2A capability of current charging. The basic current limit of each device is set by the resistor R2 and R4 to 1.1A. If the MOSFET Q1 or Q2 is turned on, additional programming resistor R1 or R3 is connected in parallel, increasing the current limit to 2.2 A. If one of the output port is consuming much higher current than 1.1A, a fault flag is asserted. This ensure equal charging current for both output port. Each port is controlled by one STCC2540 device.The MOSFET Q1, controlling the charging current of U1, is controlled by the charging output of U2 and vice versa. The STCC2540 device is designed to be implemented into the PC on a USB port in order to emulate the wall charger adapter when the PC is in standby mode or OFF, and to allow higher charge current when the USB interface is used for data communication.

The STCC2540 can also be applied in personal computer USB port, tablets, monitors and laptops. Compatible with proprietary charging mode: Apple 1A/2A, BlackBerry, Korean tablets.



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