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  • Stereo Sound Circuit

  • Created: Dec 15, 2014

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Stereo sound circuit creates a new dimension in listening to music. It livens up mono sound sources where the low frequency and frequency prototype appears to the left and right output alternating continuously which has been triggered from oscillator circuit. The device uses 74HC4053D IC, a high speed CMOS device that has triple 2-channel analog multiplexer/demultiplexer with a common enable input.

The device is very simple where the 555 timer is configured as an astable oscillator that can produce pulse frequencies out of about 14 Hertz triggering U2. The mono signal will be fed through both input A and B at pin 4 and 5 of U2 in sequence where the signal from input A will go to output 1 and from input B out to the output 2. In short span of time of around 1 mS or 0.001 second, the output will come back from input 4 to output 2 and from input B to output 1 that is switched continuously. In addition, capacitor C2 acts as low pass filter while C3 prevents the humming signal. Moreover, the output can be connected to stereo amplifiers or stereo headphones and the input may be radio signal to TV or other mono signals.

The stereo sound project is well suited in defining movies, television, music players and FM radio stations in producing an exceptional sound. It reproduces sound using two or more independent audio channels in a way that creates the impression of sound heard from various directions, as in natural hearing. This creates good impression to users in listening or watching more music and videos.



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