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  • STSPIN220 Low Voltage Bipolar Stepper Motor Driver

  • Created: Aug 01, 2016

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This reference design features a low voltage motor driver STSPIN220, which is designed for driving stepper motors. The STSPIN220 is a bipolar stepper motor driver. It combines control logic and a low drain to source resistance H-bridge power stage in a small QFN 3x3 package. The device can operate from a power supply ranging from 1.8 up to 10V. It can output a maximum current of 1.3A RMS. The STSPIN220 consumes 1.3mA when the power stage is OFF and 1.95mA when the power stage is enabled. When the device is on standby mode, it consumes a maximum current of 80nA.

The STSPIN220 integrates a microstepping sequencer, which enables it to turn a motor up to 1/256th steps. In this reference design, the device inputs can be accessed through the male header J1. The device provides a low consumption mode by pulling the STBY\RESET pin to ground. During this mode, the power stage is disabled and the supply to the integrated control circuitry is cut off. When the STBY\RESET is pulled HIGH, all of the control circuitry is reset to power-up condition. The EN\FAULT pin controls the power stage of the device. When pulled LOW, the power stage is turned OFF. The STSPIN220 microstepping sequencer has four input pins that select its step mode, pin MODE1-MODE4. The MODE3 and MODE4 inputs also act as step-clock and direction input. The REF pin provides reference voltage to device internal PWM current control circuitry. The reference voltage value must be selected according to the load current target value (peak value) and sense resistor value of R1/R2.

The power stage of the STSPIN220 is composed of two H-bridge made from MOSFETs. It can drive stepper motors with supply voltage up to 10V and current consumption up to 1.3A. The total ON resistance of the power stage (high-side plus low-side) is typically 0.4Ω at 10V/1.3A supply. The outputs of the power stage are connected to the screw terminal ST1 wherein the terminals of the stepper motor can be connected. The STSPIN220 is a high-performance driver for stepper motors. Due to its low power consumption during standby mode, it is very ideal to be used in battery-powered applications such as toys, portable printers, robotics, and point of sale devices.



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