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  • Stun Gun

  • Created: Oct 21, 2014

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A stun gun is a device that is used to temporarily disable the attackers by generating enough voltage to keep them paralyzed. It produces a high voltage, low current signal, used mostly as a weapon to send shock waves to the target with the intention of weakening them. This project is powered by a 9V battery that uses 555 Timer to produce a current fluctuating signal. In addition, it uses voltage multiplier using a transformer and a multiple stage arrangement of voltage doublers using capacitors and diodes.

The circuit is based on the principle behind a conventional stun gun. A 555 timer is used to produce an oscillating signal of frequency determined by the external passive elements connected to the timer. These low current electric pulses are fed to a step up transformer to produce a high voltage signal, which is further increased by a voltage multiplier circuit. The voltage multiplier circuit consists of multiple stages of voltage doubler, each consisting of two diodes and two capacitors. The voltage doubler circuits are based on Villard doubler method where the output voltage is directly proportional to the number of stages.

This project is non-lethal weapon that can be used as a defense mechanism in case of emergency such as the attacks of intruders. This can also disable aggressive animals with a higher generated voltage. The device can be simply constructed and easily carried. However, this should be used for protection only and not to cause harm to other people for self interest.


PB Fortich

WOW! this will be a good self defense for us ladies ^_^ . I will try to create something like this sometime.

Posted: Jan 18, 2015


Yes! ill create something like this too. nice =)

Posted: Jan 18, 2015



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