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  • STWBC Wireless Battery Charger Transmitter

  • Created: Jan 27, 2016

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Wireless charging is the process of transferring power from transmitter to the receiver end without any physical connection. This method of charging electronic devices contributes to ease in charging and even convenience to user. The reference design being shown is the STEVAL-ISB027V1, a 5-watt Qi A11 wireless charger transmitter eval-board from STMicroelectronics based from the STWBC, a wireless battery transmitter. The evaluation board is a “Qi” (pronounced as chee) standard, which is an interface standard developed by Wireless Power Consortium that leads in developing standards for wireless charging applications.

The application of the STEVAL-ISB027V1 starts when the transmitting coil of the board begins to generate the power requested by the receiver. The receiver then constantly sending feedback to the transmitter by modulating its carrier for the correct amount of power needed through a controlled resistive element or a capacitive insertion. Through this feedback element, energy is conserved because it only gives the right amount of power. Generating the right amount of power helps to ensure a high level of end-to-end efficiency, which also results to a low level of operating temperature that can even save more energy. The feedback element functions also as a detector, which stops the charging process to avoid damage when foreign objects are exposed near to the transmitting coil. The board can also perform both half-bridge and full bridge topologies.

The STWBC offers two options for the consumers to personalize their end product without any use of external microcontrollers. One option is a turnkey Qi.1.1.2 A11, which is a fully interoperable with Qi enable mobile phones, another is to customize the firmware using application programming interface (API). The peripherals available in the board via API are the ADC with 10-bit precision and 1M input impedance, UART, I2C and GPIOs. The board also supports charging medical electronics, electronic sports gear, and remote controllers. The STEVAL-ISB027V1 reference design provides a complete package that includes the STWBC IC, firmware, layout, graphical interfaces and tools. The layout is based on a cost effective 2-layer PCB.



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