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  • T8031 Carbon Dioxide Duct-Mount Transmitter

  • Created: Feb 29, 2016

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The T8031 device is one of the smallest duct-mount carbon dioxide transmitters on the market. It can be powered by an AC power supply (18-30VAC RMS 50/60Hz) or a DC power supply (18-42VDC). The device outputs a standard 0-10VDC with respect to the factory calibrated measurement range (0-2000ppm) of the sensor. It has an accuracy of +/-40ppm plus 3 percent of the reading when temperature is 22 degree Celsius. The operating temperature of T8031 should fall between 0 and 50 degree Celsius. The duct air velocity should be also around 0 to 7.5 meters per second. The power consumption of T8031 transmitter is 1.65W peak or 0.65W average.

In this reference design, the output of T8031 carbon dioxide transmitter is used as a reference to turn ON/OFF the intake and exhaust fans. The T8031 outputs an analog voltage (0-10VDC) with respect to the concentration of carbon dioxide within the area. The analog-to-digital converter (ADC) pin (PC0) of ATmega328P reads this output and converts it into a digital value. If the reading exceeds the normal carbon dioxide concentration, the intake and exhaust fans turn ON. The typical atmospheric concentration ranges from 350 to 450ppm. A 600 up to 800ppm reading (indoor) is acceptable. A reading above 1000ppm should turn ON the fans to ensure safety of the people around. The LCD in this project serves as an additional feature. It displays the concentration of carbon dioxide sensed by the T8031 transmitter.

The T8031 transmitter in this project operates with a 24V power supply, while the relays are energized by a 12V power supply. The ATmega328P microcontroller and the LCD are powered by a 5V supply. This reference design can be used in an area wherein carbon dioxide concentration must be minimized like in hospitals, offices, hotels, etc. This project is just a simple application that utilizes the T8031 carbon dioxide transmitter. The T8031 device can be used in a more advanced application just like air quality monitoring.