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  • Tesla Hairpin Circuit

  • Created: Apr 21, 2016

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Tesla's "Hairpin" or "Stout Copper Bars" circuit, originally invented by Ernst Lecher, as described in his 1893 lecture On Light and Other High Frequency Phenomena before the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia.

The discharge of the spark-gap sets up oscillatory currents in the bars and rapid oscillations of potential in the plates. Because the parallel bars are coupled electrostatically to the oscillator, the device creates Standing Electric Waves, which in turn creates nodes and anti-nodes on the bars, based on the frequency of the oscillations versus the length of the bars. This allow a neon light bulb to light up when touching the “nodes” on the bars despite the short circuit.

This simple but intriguing device also offers a great means to demonstrate single wire energy transmission without a return wire.



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