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  • The Automotive Cocksucker / Milker (Cocksucking Oral Sex Machine)

  • Created: Jan 24, 2017

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I'm still in the process of building this, but here's a video of the device in operation:



It would hopefully provide a similar experience to using the Venus 2000.

It would utilize an automotive windshield wiper motor to plunge and retract the plunger of a 100ml hydroponics syringe, which would in turn inflate the rubber lining inside a plastic tube that could be fitted around ones penis.

An AC to DC power transformer would provide 14 volts, 15 amps to power the machine, and a PWM motor speed controller rated to 20 amps would hopefully allow the motors speed to be fine tuned. with lubrication, the machine would hopefully provide a pleasurable, gentle stroking sensation for the user.

Seven magnetic induction switches mounted to the syringe would react to a magnet attached to the plunger, turning on LED's as the magnet passes by each switch. This allows for a sort of position indicator

UPDATE: (1/24/17)

Several features have been added, such as an external controller housing the LED's, speed pot and relay switch for main power. All signal wires utilize VGA breakout boards and a VGA cable to connect the external controller to the machine.

A 4S4P 16.8v Li-ion battery made from 18650 cells has been added, as well as an appropriate PCM, battery charger, and DC/DC stepless transformer to bring the 16.8v down to the same 14v the AC/DC transformer produces. The two power sources run through a second relay switch that ensures both aren't powering the device at the same time.

The battery is connected to the normally closed terminal of the relay and remains connected whenever the device isn't plugged into an AC outlet. However the relay will activate when the device is plugged in and connect the AC/DC transformer to the device (disconnecting the battery in the same process)

The battery charger will become powered as well when the device is plugged in and will remain connected to the battery to charge it. Effectively the machine has non-interruptible power since as soon as it becomes unplugged or suffers a power outage it automatically switches to battery power. A double pole, single throw power switch overrides all of this and will disconnect both the AC and DC power sources from the device if so desired.

UPDATE (3/15/2017)

More features added, such as a stroke counter that counts each stroke the machine makes, a battery life indicator that lights up when the machine is turned on, which would turn off with the machine but a smaller momentary button provides power for as long as you press it, letting you to check the battery status even when it's turned off. A power outlet for the battery, allowing the battery's raw power to be ported out externally, probably never be used but you never know.

Finally a third relay has been added that, while in it's resting position, allows the voltage adapter remain connected to the battery. But when the machine is plugged into the wall, the relay activates and disconnects said adapter. This was done so that when the machine is plugged in and the charger is attempting to charge the battery, absolutely nothing except the charger is connected to it, as even the voltage adapter draws a little power and will likely prevent the red LED on the charger (indicating that it's charging) to turn green (indicating that its charged).

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Great job. Will definitely try to build one once I have the time! Thanks for sharing.

Posted: Feb 02, 2018