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This project is designed for wireless transmission of electricity. It is used to supply electronic devices with manageable power requirements. It is comprised of two parts, the upper part is for the transmitter circuit and the lower part is for the receiver circuit.

The transmitter circuit is comprised of different devices. The BS270 device is a type of MOSFET that is used as a switch of the system. The LM2681 device is a voltage converter that operates as a voltage doubler. It supplies the oscillator to generate an RF signal that contains electricity. The RF signal is being amplified by a power amplifier and a balun that converts the unbalance signal to balance signal. The antenna coils serves as the end-to-end path of wireless power transfer. The LM6482 device is dual rail-to-rail input and output operational amplifier which used to boost the signal received by the ultrasonic receiver. The diode bridge is used to filter out low voltage signal. The same with the transmitter circuit, the receiver also is comprised of different devices. The ultrasonic transmitter sends the signal that is generated by the microcontroller. The KA7805 device is a 5V voltage regulator that supplies the microcontroller. The ACS712 device is a hall effect sensor that provides the signal to stop the wireless power transmission. The voltage regulator provides the 5V supply to power up electronic devices which is also came from the wireless power transmission.

The design is very innovative. It open up new ideas on power transfer. Even the transmission is possible only for short distances, It is still a good start for more convenient power transmission.

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