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  • The Fan Motor Driver

  • Created: Jun 23, 2014

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The design is a basic circuit for fan appliance. The circuit drives a brushless sensorless DC motor with 180° sinusoidal drive, for high efficiency and low acoustic noise. It has lockup protection and automatic restart mechanism if it loses synchronization with the driver IC. It prevents motor coil burnout. It is also overcurrent and short circuit protected because the circuit immediately sets driver outputs to high-impedance in order to avoid permanent damage to IC.

The design is comprised only of few components. The MTD6501C-HC1 device is a 3 phase, full-wave driver IC that serves as the main component. The capacitor stabilizes the supply and serves as an internal voltage regulator. The resistor provide pull-ups with logical voltage. The PWM pin controls the rotational speed of the motor through digital input signals.

The design is suitable for compact application due to its packaging and minimum bill of materials. It is perfect for commercial and industrial application.



Hi, how can I read the velocity from the FG pin? I know that this output is on rpm but with the osciloscope you can only read a period in seconds or the frequency in Hz.

Posted: May 20, 2015


The FG signal can be used to compute the motor speed in rotations per minute (RPM). I think you can find some formula in the internet depending on the motor you are using.

Posted: Apr 05, 2016



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