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The TIDA-01352 enables modular and efficient power scaling capability by providing a solution for digitally programmable power supply for powering ultrasound transmit circuit. The design uses push-pull topology to generate high-voltage (HV) and low- (LV) or MID- voltage power supplies. The HV rails are programmable from ±50V to ±150V, whereas the LV or MID rails are programmable from ±2.5V to ±50V. The power supply is capable of providing a continous power of 100-W on each rail. The programmability is implemented using onboard, 12-bit digital-to-analog converters (DACs). All the power supply rails are capable of being synchronized to a master clock. The design is scalable and modular allowing same supply to be duplicated or removed depending on number of channels and number of levels of pulser. The reference design also consists of other LV power supplies necessary for the pulser operation. This reference design is ideal for the high-voltgae DC-DC boost stage to use in conjuction with the floating (post) regulator design TIDA-01371.


400-W Continuous, Scalable, ±2.5- to ±150-V, Programmable Ultrasound Power Supply Reference Design