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  • "Toner" Machine Wiring

  • Created: Nov 08, 2016

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Some sort of physical therapy machine.


Never seen anything like it before, found in front of someone's house with a sign labeled "FREE Toner Machine, Still Works." It looked sort of like a table you'd sit on at the doctor's office, but it had no drawers or pull out steps, no adjustable headrest. Instead I guess you'd lie flat on top of it across 2 padded sections that made up the top, and when you'd turn it on the lower half your butt and legs were on started swiveling back and forth. You could adjust the speed so it'd swivel faster or slower, and even set a mechanical timer for up to 20 mins after which it'd turn itself off. Pretty unique machine, Googling "Toner Machine" doesn't yield anything close to what this is.



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