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  • TPA3140D2 Audio Amplifier

  • Created: Oct 07, 2015

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The TPA3140D2 audio amplifier uses a very cost-effective Class-D IC audio amplifier that is designed to drive 8-ohms/10-watts stereo speakers. This amplifier can also be configured into bridged mode to handle 6-ohms speakers up to 10-watts. The TPA3140D2 is protected against shorts and overload conditions. It also have a speaker protection circuitry that include automatic gain and power limiters that are adjustable. The speaker protection circuitry also adds a DC detection circuit to protect the connected speakers.

This TPA3140D2 device operates over a wide range of supply voltages. It can accept a supply voltage ranging from 4.5 up to 14.4V DC. With a supply voltage of 13VDC and a load of 8-ohms, the device can give a 10-watts continuous output power with a THD+N (total harmonic distortion plus noise) of 10 percent. The device can also drive 4-ohm speakers with a continuous output power of 20-watts. The efficiency of this device which is up to 90 percent using an 8-ohm load eliminates the need for heat sinks which is good for small chassis applications.

The TPA3140D2 IC audio amplifier can be used in applications where the wire length distance required between the amplifier and the speaker is short. This amplifier is typically used in televisions, bluetooth speakers, wireless speaker, etc. The TPA3140D2 can either be operated in mono or stereo operations, based on the output power needed. Depending on the output power requirements and necessity for (speaker) load protection, the built in AGL or PLIMIT circuit can be used to control system power.