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  • TPS63050 Tiny-Single-Inductor Buck-Boost Converters

  • Created: Jan 27, 2016

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A buck boost converter is a type of DC-DC converter that uses a single inductor, which has an output voltage that is either greater than or less than the input voltage magnitude. This reference design is an evaluation module (EVM) for TPS63050. This EVM is designed to test the operation and functionality of the TPS63050 and TPS63051. The EVM converts a 2.5V to 5.5V input voltage to a regulated 3.3V output voltage that delivers a current of 500mA. This particular design utilizes the TPS63050 tiny-single-inductor buck-boost converter from Texas Instruments. The TPS6305x family of devices is a high efficiency, low quiescent-current buck-boost converter, suitable for applications where the input voltage is higher or lower than the output.

To maintain a synchronous power conversion at all operating conditions, the TPS63050 IC uses four internal N-channel MOSFETs. This enables the device to keep high efficiency over the complete input voltage and output power range. The device automatically switches from buck operation to boost operation and back as required by the configuration to regulate the output voltage at all possible input voltage conditions. It always uses one active switch, one rectifying switch, one switch held on, and one switch held off. This operates as a buck converter when the input voltage is higher than the output voltage, and as a boost converter when the input voltage is lower than the output voltage. There is no mode of operation in which all 4 switches are switching at the same time. Keeping one switch on and one switch off eliminates their switching losses. The RMS current through the switches and the inductor is kept at a minimum, to minimize switching and conduction losses. Controlling the switches this way allows the converter to always keep higher efficiency.

The buck boost converters cover a wide variety of power applications. The TPS63050 tiny-single-inductor buck-boost converter is particularly designed for cellular/smartphones, tablets, PC, smart grid/smart meter, and other battery powered applications.



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