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  • UCS1002 Smart Charger

  • Created: Sep 03, 2014

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Smart charger circuit maximizes the capacity of the USB port in charging devices. The use of UCS1002 with an advanced USB Port Power/Battery Charging features was employed to create unique charging solutions. This circuit offers functionalities such as detecting plugged-in portable devices, presenting various charger emulation profiles, as well as charging and terminating it at a specific current level. In addition, it has a function that turns OFF VBUS to avoid over-charging, and detects portable device removal then resets for the next device. Thus, the device is designed to minimize power consumption in charging.

The component UCS1002-1 of Microchip is an integrated circuit that provides a USB port power switch for precise control of up to 2.5 amperes continuous current with over-current limit (OCL), dynamic thermal management, latch or auto-recovery (low test current) fault handling, selectable active LOW or HIGH enable, under- and over-voltage lockout, back-drive protection, and back-voltage protection. Split supply support for VS and VDD is an option for low power in system standby states. This gives battery-operated applications, like automotive charging ports, the ability to detect attachments from a SLEEP or OFF state. After the Attach Detect is flagged, the system can decide to WAKE UP and/or provide charging. In addition to power switching and current limiting modes, the UCS1002-1 will automatically charge a wide variety of portable devices, including USB-IF BC1.2, YD/T-1591 (2009), most Apple® and RIM®, and many others. Nine preloaded charger emulation profiles maximize compatibility coverage of peripheral devices. Furthermore, a customizable charger emulation profile is available to accommodate unique existing and future portable device handshaking/signature requirements. The UCS1002-1 also provides current monitoring to allow intelligent management of system power and charge rationing for controlled delivery of current regardless of the host power state. This is essential for battery-operated applications that demand to provide power in a standby and/or off state but do not want to drain the battery excessively.

Countless applications can be observed with smart charger, which can significantly make charging easier and efficient to batteries in electronic gadgets and other related electronic devices. This project is suitable for different product development such as mobile phones, laptops, electric vehicles, and other related devices.



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