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  • Ultra-low-power Energy Harvester and Battery Charger

  • Created: Jan 25, 2016

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The electronic gadgets are the most popular devices that are being used by everyone today, and how it is quickly drained up is the most common problem. The circuit as shown in the reference design is the STEVAL-ISV09V1, which is an evaluation board for SPV1050. The SPV1050 is a transformerless thermoelectric generators and PV modules energy harvester, comes with high efficiency for any harvesting source and has a maximum of 70mA maximum battery charging current. It also allows to charge any type of battery which includes thin film batteries which need proper monitoring provision of the length of charging and voltage level of batteries to ensure that battery life is preserve. The SPV1050 has a programmable maximum power point tracker (MPPT), which can be done by changing the value of external resistors.

The main board is optimized to harvest energy from PV panels which can supply 0.5V less or equal to the maximum power voltage but not greater than or equal to 2.5V, and supply less than or equal to 30uA of the maximum power current but not greater than 20mA. The board also has a fully integrated buck-boost DC-DC converter which main purpose is to enhance the functions of the main chip SPV1050. It comes also with 10 test points which user can maximize its capability. The evaluation board can charge a battery with 3.7V undervoltage protection and disconnect it with a charge voltage of 4.2V. The supply to sensors and transceivers are being handled by two independent LDOs, which has a 1.8V and 3.3V output voltages respectively.

Few changes in the application component of the board allow using different sets of PV panels and source like thermoelectric generators (TEG). Other application of this board may found in industrial control, access control, home automation, tracking, surveillance, wearable and biomedical sensors.



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