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  • Ultrasonic Atomizer for Medical Application

  • Created: Sep 25, 2014

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This circuit is another type of medical equipment that is pneumatic in operation. It is used to aerosolized medications of patients, which made it more effective to a specific illness. It features a generic but a fine build design that is practical and straightforward.

The design has different parts that delivers different functions. It is comprised of power supply circuit that is made of fuses, power transformer, timing switch, bridge rectifiers, resistors, LED, and capacitor. It has atomization level detection control circuit that is made of control circuit resistor, float with magnetic ring and reed switch, potentiometer, and capacitor. The ultrasonic oscillator prevents undesired interference that also generates ultrasonic wave vibration for atomization. The fan motor manage the airflow and helps in atomization.

The need of medical equipment is far more important than providing the people an alternative option in order to attain medical treatment. There are a lot of municipality that even the simplest medical equipment is not yet available due to its cost. With this simple innovation of medical equipment, we are hoping to achieve the availability of this medical equipment in different municipalities.



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