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  • Ultrasonic Distance Meter with 7 Segment Display

  • Created: May 11, 2017

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This project is all about an Ultrasonic Distance Measurement device and works by sending a short pulse of sound at a frequency inaudible to the ear. then the PIIC18F1320-I/SO micro-controller listens for the feedback. The time from sending the pulse to receiving the feedback lets you calculate the distance from the object. The seven segment will then display the distance measured in cm.

This design uses components comparators and transistors to reach the same results.The PIIC18F1320-I/SO micro-controller has an enhanced Capture module with an extended watchdog timer (WDT) and self-programmable under software control. It is compatible 10-bit, up to 13-channel Analog-toDigital Converter module (A/D) with programmable acquisition time. The circuit uses three transistor amplifier, two output driver and a comparator LM311DT (IC Voltage Comparator 8-SOIC). The 40 kHz signal is easily generated by the micro-controller but detection requires a sensitive amplifier. This is followed by the peak detector and the comparator which sets the sensitivity outset so that weaker signals are ignored. The transistors are used for low power operation and the Comparator is modified as a standard circuit with a small amount of hysteresis which the 1M ohm resistor feeds back the level.

The time from conveying of the sound to reception of the feedback is the time taken for the sound energy to travel through the air to the object and vice versa. As you approach 300cm it is more difficult to receive a feedback pulse so the recommended range is no more than 250cm..



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