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  • Ultrasonic Range Meter

  • Created: Sep 16, 2014

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This Ultrasonic Range meter project is a distance-measuring device. It can measure the distance from the device to the point where the line of sight is blocked. It works on a principle similar to radar or sonar that evaluate attributes of a target by interpreting the echoes from radio or sound waves. Sensors calculate the time interval between sending the signal and receiving the echo to determine the distance to an object.

Base on the circuit diagram, The HEF4069UBP Hex inverter is used for the drive of the ultrasonic transmitter. The transmitted signal echoes back and received by the ultrasonic receiver sensor with two stages of Op Amp by the MCP6002 IC. The amplified signal passes the detection circuit composed of two S106 Schottky diodes and into an MCP6001 Op Amp to amplify the detected signal. The next stage is the holding circuit, a HEF4011BP NAND gates configured as a set-reset flip-flop used to check and confirm signal detection operation within the reflected signal detection time. The output of the project is a three seven-segment digit display connected on the PIC16F883 microcontroller.



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