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  • USB DMX Interface for Flexible Lighting Control

  • Created: Sep 09, 2014

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The design features easy manipulation of lighting in order to produce more creative sequence of lights. It can store lighting sequences, configurations, and other related functions. It can be used with galvanic isolation to add more protection for the design system as well as to the PC used.

These circuits are comprised of PIC18F2455-I/SO USB Microcontroller that serves as the main processor of the system and manage the port communication. The PCF85103C-2T 256×8-bit CMOS EEPROM with I2C-bus interface is used as non-volatile storage of configurations and functions. The PYB20-Q24-S5-H-U DC-DC converter offers power-rating protection between devices. The HCPL2601SD single-channel high-speed 10Mbps logic gate optocouplers is used for data multiplexing. The LMS485CNA differential bus transceiver is for the DMX output to multipoint lines. The two diodes with 120Ω resistor in between are used for transient suppression.

This circuit is suitable for different lighting modification. It is applicable for residential, commercial, and even industrial application. It is also suitable for further development in lighting control.



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