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  • USB Rechargeable LED Flashlight

  • Created: Jun 18, 2015

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This LED flashlight is a portable device that is USB rechargeable. It specifically uses the TE Connectivity’s splash proof 2173157-2 micro USB 2.0 connector designed to seal gaps around the opening and inside the connector shell. This connector brings the best protection optimizing the LED flashlight experience.

In the circuit, supercapacitor is used, although it can hold much smaller charge than rechargeable batteries, it can be charged extremely quick of about 30 seconds through USB for 2x 2.5V, 10F. Not only this device is handy, portable, and quick USB chargeable LED flashlight, it has also a simple circuit tester which beeps when two probe touched a closed circuit. In addition, it has a charge-complete indicator that warns the user when the device is fully charged. The two resistors are used as voltage divider to turn the transistor on and off including the LED that is connected to the collector and the emitter.

This project is very simple yet useful and handy. It can be easily constructed that only needs a few components. This device acts like a normal flashlight that can be used when a light source is needed. This may also be integrated to other electronic devices to add some extra feature.



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