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  • VersaClock® 5 - 5P49V5901 Programmer Board

  • Created: Apr 16, 2015

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This design features a programmable clock generator which can provides up to four independent output frequencies. The device configuration is stored in an on-chip One-Time-Programmable (OTP) memory which is loaded on startup. The configuration can be modified in operation through I2C interface and the parameters that can be configured include frequency, output signalling and level, loop bandwidth, output to output skew, and crystal load capacitance.The VersaClock 5 typically provides less than 0.7ps RMS phase jitter (integrated from 12kHz - 20 MHz) at the outputs. It is a programmable through I2C serial programming interface. It also features spread spectrum.

The board features a USB interface for easy interfacing with the Timing Commander configuration application. Timing Commander is a Window-based software platform that allows to configure, program, and monitor sophisticated timing devices with an intuitive and flexible graphical user interface (GUI). The USB interface is provided by FT2232D dual USB to serial UART/FIFO IC. It is a single chip USB to dual channel serial ports such as SDA and SCL ( SEL0 and SEL1). To manage the supply of the board, the LM317LBD low current three-terminal adjustable positive voltage regulator is used.

The design is suitable for a broad range of applications, including ethernet switch/router, PCI-Express, broadcast video/audio timing, multi-function printer, processor and FPGA clocking, telecom cards, and other related applications that requires high-performance and low-cost clock generation.