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  • Video Surveillance Over IP Network

  • Created: Mar 20, 2015

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Nowadays, threats and crimes have risen in number. With the technology today, people can make use of security system designs to prevent such bad events. One security system design that is widely available in the market today is the video surveillance system over an IP network. With this digital video surveillance system, people can gain more advantages than using the traditional analog surveillance system. Some advantages would be superior image quality, future-proof integration, scalability, cost-effectiveness, easy installation and remote accessibility.

A simple design of video surveillance system over an IP network would consist of IP cameras, ethernet switch, router, internet connection, network video recorder, monitor and computers. Another essential component in the system would be the cables used in connecting the other parts. In the design, we feature the Cat5e patch cords (2178127-1,217812-2,217812-3,217812-4) from TE connectivity. The patch cord is double-ended configured and has 8 signal positions and 2 power positions. The product is also RoHS/ELV compliant.

The IP cameras capture and encode the video into data. Then the encoded data travels through the ethernet patch cords to the ethernet switch. The ethernet switch does the data linking, which provides functional and procedural means of transferring data. The Network Video Recorder (NVR) stores the video captured and allows multiple viewing of cameras at once on a monitor. The router is utilized to allow remote access in viewing the captured video. The design can also be modified for additional devices to achieve a more advance security system.

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