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  • VIPer06 based Buck-Converter

  • Created: Oct 25, 2016

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Converters which output is lower than the input voltage being fed are considered as buck regulators or step-down converters. This reference design is a buck converter featuring VIPer06. The VIPer06 can work with three different frequencies starting at 30kHz, 60kHz, and 115kHz. It is also an offline converter with an internal 800V avalanche rugged power section.

The reference design can be powered through J1 by an 85V to 265V AC, or using a 100V to 375V DC supply. Resistor R1 connects in series to limit input surge. The design used a Pi filter consisting of C1, L0, and C2 to address EMI in the circuit. The drain of the 800V MOSFET and the built-in high voltage switch start-up bias current are connected to one of the drain pins, thus giving the Viper06 capability to power itself directly from the rectified mains and eliminating the need for an auxiliary bias winding. Diode D2 is added to steer current from the output to the Vdd pin resulting in better efficiency and lower standby power. The Vdd pin provides the charging current of the external capacitor during startup and when running from the internal supply. After turn on, the internal MOSFET of VIPer06 increases energy build up in L1, and continues to flow in the same direction through D5 and charges capacitor C6. The output regulation is kept by D8 and capacitor C4, while output voltage is set by the external resistors R4 and R2 that form a voltage divider network.

Considering VIPer06 as the main component, other applications like power metering, LED drivers can be made. The VIPer06 also can be a substitute to any capacitive power supplies. It can also be used as supply generator to any home appliances because of its standard output of 12V.



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