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  • Walking Distance Counter

  • Created: Sep 25, 2016

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Walking has always been a part of what we do, it could be walking for leisure, going to a destination, or for health reasons. The circuit is a walking distance counter that uses logic circuit to measure the distance covered during a walk. The design features a NAND gate IC used as a monostable multivibrator.

The design uses mercury/tilt switch, buzzer, NAND gate, decade counter, 7-segments LED display, and binary ripple counter. It operates using 2 AA 1.5V battery cell. The mercury/tilt switch is used to determine if a walk is made. The two NAND gates of U2 (ch1 and ch2) work as a monostable multivibrator that provides some degree of freedom from excessive bouncing of the mercury/title switch. The monostable multivibrator will produce a much cleaner square wave, which will be inputted to pin /CP of the binary ripple counter (U1). The rightmost display (U6) shows 0 to 9 hundreds of meters. The Q2 drives the decimal point of the 7-segment display of U6, which will turn ON after every 50 meters of walking. The leftmost display (U7) shows 0 to 9 kilometers and its dot is always turned ON to separate kilometer from hundred meters. A buzzer that is driven by Q1 will beep each count of unit; this occurs every two steps and can be disabled by S2. The display is only illuminated when SP2 button is pressed to minimize the power consumption. To reset the counter, both SP1 and SP2 must be pressed to avoid accidental reset.

The use of mercury/tilt switch will require experimenting the placement and sloping degree of the switch in the design. The design requires the pulse generated in every two-step to be setup so that it will beep every two steps. The design is intended for walking and can be placed in the pocket. It is not intended for jogging, for the mercury/tilt switch will not have an accurate reading.



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