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  • Water Level Pump Control

  • Created: Feb 24, 2014

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This circuit will power up a water pump when the water reaches a predetermined level. Then it turns itself off when the water recedes to another predetermined point.

The three gates of U1 each have their two inputs tied together, and serve as probes. The probes are then placed at various levels to trigger a particular function at a predetermined time. The ground side of the circuit is placed below the minimum water level. The inputs to each gate are tied high through a 100-kΩ resistor connected to the +12.5-V bus.

As the water level slowly rises to probe 1, the input to the first gate is pulled low by the conduction of current through the water to the ground probe. That turns Q1 OFF and Q2 ON. With Q2 turned ON, the circuit is placed in the standby mode, ready to activate the pump when conditions are right.

Probe 2 is placed at the maximum water level. If the water level reaches probe 2, the input of the second gate is brought low, turning Q3 ON, which, in turn, causes current to be applied to the gate of SCR, turning it ON. The circuit through RY1, Q2, and SCR is now complete to ground, and the water pump is now turned ON, which causes the water level to recede. When the water level falls below probe 2, the second gate goes back to logic high.

However, because of the latching nature of SCR, the pump continues to run until the water level falls below probe 1. At that point, the ground circuit opens and de-energizes RY1, which turns the pump OFF. The pump will not turn ON again until the water level again rises above probe 2.

Probe 3 was added as a warning. If the water level reaches probe 3, LED2 indicates that the pump is not working. Switch S2 is a manual override and S1 powers the sensing circuit. LED3 indicates that power has been applied to the pump. LED1 indicates that power has been applied to the sensor.



water pump alert.good for all water pump.it switches base on water level

Posted: Jul 16, 2014


may be good i did'nt try it

Posted: Nov 05, 2014

Basuki Dwi Putra


Posted: May 19, 2015

Neil Mula

Yes! this one is a good circuit design.

Posted: Mar 13, 2016



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