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  • Wi-Fi G Demo Board

  • Created: Feb 13, 2017

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This reference design is a demonstration platform to evaluate the MRF24WG0MA Wi-Fi module. It comes with a PIC32 pre-programmed with the Microchip TCP/IP stack, connected to an onboard, fully certified MRF24WG0MA Wi-Fi module. The Wi-Fi G Demo Board provides a low-cost and portable development system for the MRF24WG0MA IEEE 802.11b/g Wi-Fi Transceiver Module. It is preloaded with demo software for the user to explore the features of the MRF24WG0MA. It is also expandable through an 8-pin expansion interface, which enables the user to extend its functionality by adding various sensor expansion boards.

The Wi-Fi G Demo application uses a network provisioning mechanism called EasyConfig to enable configuration of an embedded device on a wireless network. EasyConfig utilizes the web server of the TCP/IP stack and a wireless network to enable the user to input the desired network information from a client browser, and then reset the device to connect to the desired network. The MRF24WG0MA Module provides wireless connectivity to the demo board, host communication is through SPI2 of the PIC processor on the board. On the board, a connector J1 provides easy access to the PIC32MX695F512H processor’s debug pins, this is used to program or reflash the demo board with new firmware. Another connector J2 provides access to six of the processor’s spare I/O pins, these pins can function as general purpose I/O ports or as an SPI, I2C or UART interface to an external circuit design. The board is powered by 2 AAA batteries, the battery voltage is monitored and boosted by the MCP1642 Synchronous Boost Regulator.

The MRF24WG0MA Module connects to hundreds of PIC microcontrollers via a 4-wire SPI interface and is an ideal solution for low-power, low data-rate Wi-Fi sensor networks for home automation, building automation and applications like industrial controls, remote device management, consumer electronics, medical, utility and smart energy.



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