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  • Wideband Voltage Variable RF Attenuator

  • Created: Dec 10, 2015

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The design is about a voltage variable RF attenuator, which is used to decrease the amplitude of an RF signal. This device also provides an accurate match for the characteristic impedance used in between circuit stages. The design features the F2255 device from IDT. It is a low insertion loss Voltage Variable RF Attenuator (VVA) designed for multitude of wireless and other RF applications.

The F2255 is a wideband attenuator for it can cover a broad frequency range from 1MHz to 3000MHz. Aside from the low insertion loss it provides, the device can also add excellent linearity performance over its entire voltage control and attenuation range. It also has an advantage over other VVAs because it can provide superb IP3, IP2, return loss and slope linearity across the control range. Aside from these features, the device can also perform multi-directional operation, meaning the RF input can be applied either in RF1 or RF2 pins. Through J2, the user is also allowed to select either positive or negative attenuation slope by setting Vmode pin to either ground or high.

This circuit allows the user to evaluate the product for its performance. The F2255 can be used in applications such as base station systems, portable wireless devices, repeaters, public safety infrastructures and receivers.



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