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  • Window Lift with Anti-Pinch

  • Created: Jun 23, 2014

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The design is a motor control circuit for window lifting and lowering. It is commonly called as power window to vehicles that comes with a protection against accidental lifting of window. WIndow lift with anti pinch device was implemented with the use of PIC16F688-E/ST microcontroller, LIN actuator, servo motor and relays with their associated drivers, input conditioning circuits and network physical interface. There are several incidents happened that resulted to minor and major injuries, such as finger pinched and neck pinched due to a faulty window automation.

The design is comprised of PIC16F688-E/ST 8-Bit CMOS Microcontroller which handles the systems’ data generated by I/O’s and it act as the main component of the controller. The NUD3112 device is an integration of MOSFET switch, ESD protection, and zener clamps, which also drives inductive loads such as power window motor. The AMP770969 is a Soft Shell Pin and Socket Connector for I/O devices connections. The MCP201 device is a LIN Transceiver with Voltage Regulator that provides a half-duplex, bidirectional communications interface between a microcontroller and the serial network bus. The 1N4755 device is a silicon planar power zener diodes for stabilizing and clipping the circuit with high power rating. The 1N4004 device is a general purpose rectifier diode. The 1N4750ATR device is another type of zener diode with glass case for voltage stabilization in LIN bus interface. The pushbutton switches serves as user controller.

The design is applicable to different types of motor control. It is also useful to elevator door since it can prevent hitting a person when someone in a hurry and the door closes suddenly.



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