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  • Wireless Heart Monitor

  • Created: Apr 21, 2016

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The importance of monitoring internal conditions specifically the heart, which is one of the most vulnerable part of human body arises to many heart monitoring equipment to ensure proper vital signs of the heart. The reference design is a wireless heart monitor from Texas Instruments. The design features the CC2541 from TI, which is a power-optimized wireless MCU solution for both Bluetooth low energy and proprietary 2.4-GHz applications. The design also features ADS1293; an analog-front-end, which incorporates all features commonly, required in portable, low-power medical, sports, and fitness electrocardiogram (ECG) applications.

The design starts to function as ADS1293 takes analog data from human body through pin IN1-IN6. By using the common-mode detector, the ADS1293 can measure the patient’s body by averaging the voltage of input pins IN1, IN2 and IN3, and uses this signal in the right leg drive feedback circuit. The CC2541 process the information coming from ADS1293 and can send the information via Bluetooth capability. The ADS1293 can detect an out of range conditions through self-diagnostics alarm systems. The CC2541 supports data rates of 250kbps, 500kbps, 1Mbps, and 2Mbps. It comes also with peripherals like IR generation circuitry and general-purpose timers (one 16-bit, two 8-bit). The output of the wireless heart monitor can be viewed on iPhone or iPad through a configurable iOS application that allows an end-user to remotely monitor the heart rate data of a patient.

The CC2541 application can be found also in pedometer, blood pressure monitor, smartwatches, proximity sensing, interface and control, keyless entry (passive and remote), tire pressure monitoring, and beacons system.



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