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  • Wireless Light Dimmer

  • Created: Jun 07, 2016

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This wireless light dimmer is a smart lighting system to remotely set the light intensity of light bulbs according to the mood of the user. It specifically uses the PIC12F629 microcontroller of Microchip, which is an 8-pin, flash-based, 8 bit microcontroller that is responsible of controlling the brightness level of the bulb. The MCU has a precise internal oscillator of 4MHz and has a wide operating voltage range of 2V to 5.5V. It has also 6 I/O pins with individual direction control.

This reference design is basically a shaded lamp that is comprised of a microcontroller, optocoupler, IR receiver, regulator, phase controller IC and other passive components. Its dim level can be adjusted from maximum to minimum level using a TV remote control. The device uses a phase control IC that enables load current detection as well as mains-compensated phase control. The device evaluates the voltage at the pulse output between the gate and reference electrode of the triac. This monitors the state of the triac after triggering by measuring the voltage drop at the triac gate. The bulb’s light intensity varies to the trigger output of U5. Moreover, the maximum dissipated power must not exceed to 500W.

Wireless light dimmer allows the user to adjust the dim level of the lights using a remote control. This system is common in home automation applications and can also be used for entertainment. The circuit is a basic model of light dimmer that operates in 230 AC voltages.



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