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  • Wireless Motor Monitor

  • Created: Feb 11, 2016

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Monitoring equipments and to maintain its top condition is one way to minimize cost of replacement and downtime during operation. Industrial motors are one vital equipment in industrial plant that runs everyday and maintaining its condition using manual checking takes time and effort. The reference design being shown is a wireless motor monitor that remotely monitor the condition of motors. The main component MSP430FR5969 ultralow-power MCU is a mixed signal master controller that offers leading low power consumption, analog and digital integration, and easy to use interface that makes it suitable for wireless monitoring system. The MSP430FR5969 has the integration of ferroelectric random access memory that enables it to combine fast read and write access of DRAM with lower power consumption. The reference design also has the CC2650 SimpleLink Multistandard Wireless MCU which is a cost-effective 2.4Ghz RF device that is ideal for interfacing sensors and collecting datas autonomously while the system is in sleep mode. The TPL5100 nano-power timer is the external timer that wakes up the main component every 16 seconds. The TPL5100 can trigger wakeups at longer sleeps interval and has the maximum wakeup time of 18 minutes. The reference design also has the BQ25570 Ultralow-Power Harvester and Battery PMIC which harvest energy from any source 100mV and powered by an lithium-ion cell battery.

The circuit starts to function when a wakeup cycle is being process by the timer TPL5100, the MSP430FR5969 software will activate the analog subsystem acquire data from ADS8320 a 16bit ADC, which ADC data is coming from a piezo vibration sensor. The MSP430FR5969 compute, and store the data to FRAM. TPS22969 is a MOSFET load switch that works like relay except there has no moving elements inside is connected via SPI to the main component. The CC2650 is connected via UART and powered by the main component. CC2560 then established a bluetooth low energy (BLE) or ZigBee connection to the remote monitoring system. The reference design can also be integrated by a temperature sensor to detect the current temperature of the motor connected to the MSP430FR5969 via I2C. An antenna SMA may be installed or integrated PCB antenna may be use, but the defualt system uses the PCB antenna.

The reference design is highly recommend to industrial application which include a high risk of danger or injury to the maintenance personnel. Other application of the reference design may be use in structural monitoring and wireless machine monitoring



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