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  • Wireless Power Transmitter Board

  • Created: Aug 11, 2015

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This design features a wireless power transmitter that supports Qi enabled smartphones and other devices. It operates from a 4.5 - 6.9V input and supports up to 8W power transfer at approximately 1.6A. The low cost adaptors and other unregulated adaptors or supplies help prevent surges. Because, it is a fully integrated design, BOM cost is minimal while still offering highly efficient operations with very low RDS(ON). It also has programmable input in-rush control that can be used to add up protections and configurations of the system.

The design’s main component is comprised of a P9038-RNDG single-chip WPC 1.1 5V wireless power transmitter IC. It drives the coil for induction with capacitor filters and supports load changes. A serial EEPROM is provided to store configurations of the system that is accessible through I2C communication. The micro USB type AB port can be used for power and serial communication. The N-channel PowerTrench MOSFET is used for switching and it is supported by the RC circuit which ensures gate supplies. The inductor coil used for wireless power charging transmission is connected to a switching diode attached to ISNS pin, providing sensing of the inductor current. A thermistor is connected to the GPIO2 to prevent overheating, while LEDs provide indication.

This design is applicable to charging mats or pads that are now available in the market. It can be interfaced to office furniture, public facilities, and personal computer docks to optimize wireless power transfer and is ideal for a variety of wireless charging applications such as cellphones and other portable electronic devices.



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