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  • ZSSC1750 - System Basis Chip for Battery Management

  • Created: May 10, 2016

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Battery management is one procedure that enables user to maintain battery health and keep track on battery status for proper functioning and prolong lifespan. The ZSSC1750 is a system with dual-channel ADC for management or sensing application in automotive, industrial, and medical purposes. The ZSSC1750 uses SPI communication and has an integrated LIN 2.1 transceiver in addition.

In the reference design the two channels from the ZSSC1750 function differently. The ZSSC1751 device is powered directly by the battery through its VDDE pin. One of the two input channels measures the battery current IBAT via the voltage drop at the external shunt resistor. The second channel measures the battery voltage VBAT and the temperature using Rntc as reference of the measurement being taken. By simultaneously measuring both IBAT and VBAT, user can determine the internal resistance of the battery, which is correlated with the state-of-health. The state-of-health indicates the measurements that mirror the general condition of the battery and its ability to deliver the specified performance compared with a fresh battery. By knowing the state-of-health of a battery, it helps users to know the available energy output that is being consumed and how much more is remaining. By summing up the IBAT, user can predict when it will be needed charge by simply knowing the state-of-charge condition of the battery. And knowing both state-of-charge and state-of-health of the battery, it will perform is maximum state-of-function. The diode BAS21 serves as protection for reverse polarity application and a one-way channel for forward biased state.

The ZSSC1750 can be applied in several application like intelligent battery monitoring in E-bikes, scooters, and E-carts. It can also be applied to medical and photovoltaic applications where energy and power monitoring is much more needed to determine. The ZSSC1750 is well suited for application also which is optimized for ultra-low power consumption drawing only 60µA or less and which high precision data acquisition is much more required.



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