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  • ZSSC1956 - System Basis Chip for Battery Management

  • Created: Feb 27, 2017

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Nowadays, most of the battery-powered electronic systems use battery management integrated circuits to protect batteries from operating outside its safe operating area. These ICs not only protect the batteries, it also monitors its state. The Battery Management System (BMS) monitors the state of battery as represented by different parameters such as voltage, current, temperature, state of charge (SOC), state of health (SOH). This reference design utilizes ZSSC1956 IC, which is a dual-channel analog-to-digital converter (ADC). This IC has an embedded microcontroller for battery sensing/management.

The two input channels of the ZSSC1956 IC are measuring the voltage, current, and temperature of the battery. The first input channel measures the battery current IBAT via the voltage drop at the external shunt resistor. The second input channel measures the battery voltage VBAT and the temperature. As mentioned earlier, this System Basis Chip (SBC) is integrated with microcontroller in it. The SBC is fully controllable by the MCU via an integrated 4-wire slave SPI interface. When the engine is OFF, the system makes periodic measurements to monitor the discharge of the battery. The ZSSC1956 is optimized for ultra-low power consumption and draws only 100µA or less in low-power mode.

This design is applicable in intelligent battery sensing for automotive applications like start/stop systems, e-bikes, scooters, and e-carts. Also, this is very useful in industrial and medical applications requiring precise battery SOC, SOH, and State of Function (SOF) monitoring. The ZSSC1956 IC can be used as SOF monitor for emergency lighting, uninterruptable power supplies, hospital equipment, alarm systems, and others.



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